Medical Laboratories need specialized databases, fields and relations between the different components.

Specialized Features and Functionalities

Customer vs. Patient

The patient can be the customer or not. A specialized function is available to specify when this is the case and prefills all the relevant fields accordingly. Patient details can be specified on the job or the sample level. 

Referring Doctor

For most laboratories, the same doctors use the facilities repeatedly. To save time, doctor information can be pre-entered and then simply selected each time. Doctor information can be on the job or sample level.

Patient Database

Similarly, the same patients can use a facility repeatedly.

A patient record is automatically created every time a new patient is entered. 

Existing patients can be selected to prefill fields.

This is also a requirement as part of the NICD integration

Manage Large Quantities

Upload of samples and tests from spreadsheet

Upload of results from spreadsheet or equipment integration

Bulk editing of samples and tests

Allow same person to capture and approve result

Pooled Samples

For extremely large batches, samples can be pooled to determine results.

The system will link all selected samples and automatically fill the result on each if negative.

Email or SMS Results

Results can be sent via SMS or email

For each job, the results can be sent to the referring doctor or the individual patients

Medical Aids

Medical Aid Providers can be pre-entered for easier selection and details on each patient

QR Codes

A QR Code can be added to each result report

The customer can then access their report online to verify results

Notifiable Medical Conditions Compliance

Integrated with NICD (South Africa) to automatically upload NMC cases.

LIMS Functionality
Organizational Setup Parameters
Technical Setup Parameters
Customer Management and Billing
Registration of Jobs, Samples and Tests
Scheduling, Monitoring and Tracking
Result Capture and Approval
Analytics and Statistical Process Control
Automation and Integration

Typical Dashboards and Flow:

- Quotations
- Service Requests
- Receiving
- Laboratory
- Approvals and Signing
- Job Completion and Invoicing
- Archive and Global Search

Organizational Setup Parameters

‌Add Branches with their own document logos, addresses, accreditation logo and reference,contact persons, etc.
Add Departments linked to specific branches
Add Personnel linked to specific branches and departments
Add Customers and contacts
Define static lookup categories to suit your requirements such as sample types, units of measure, pre-defined comments etc.

Technical Setup Parameters

‌Define Tests with parameters including:
    - Linked Branches
    - Billing code and description
    - Methods/SOPs and Accreditation
    - Unit of Measure and Uncertainty
    - Categories or Tags (Up to 4) for easy grouping on schedules, dashboards and reports

    - Billing only
    - Default Turnaround Time
    - Outsourcing
    - Standard quotation notes or remarks
Define Test Bundles and Specifications (Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Warn Limit, Match)
Define pricing for each test, bundle or service item

Customer Management and Billing

‌Define account types as Account, Cash on Delivery (COD) or Cash on Order (COO)
Add or Import Contact Persons
Customer Portal
Generate Quotations manually or automatically from an already registered job
Generate Proforma invoices automatically for registered jobs
Export proforma invoices to external financial systems
Quality checks on quantities and rates between quotations, jobs and invoices

Registration of Jobs, Samples and Tests

Customizable Dashboard view for efficient registration
Manage Customer based on account type
Add samples and tests individually or import in bulk via a customizable Excel spreadsheet template
Choose between manually defined sample numbers, system generated numbers, or both
Easy capturing and or uploading of sample/document photos and other files
Log GPS coordinates for samples captured via the mobile app
Automatic or manual setting of Due Dates per job or per test
Automatic or manual setting of Scheduled Start Dates per test

Scheduling, Monitoring and Tracking

Customizable Dashboard view for efficient scheduling and tracking

Schedule and assign work individually or in bulk on either a calendar or matrix view
Flag tests not started on time or overdue for reporting

Result Capture and Approval

Customizable Dashboards for capturing and approving
Capture results individually, or in bulk by bulk edit or spreadsheet view

Automatic Compliance check possible
Two-tier approval (if activated)
Schedule retests
Email/SMS alerts for results out of specification
Job automatically completed on approval of last test


‌Report generation via built-in module or advanced merge functions
Report/certificate layouts are customized to customer requirements and can include uploaded images/photos
Merge function include:
- Merge and Store
- Merge and Send Email
- Merge and Sign (Digital Signature Integration)
QR Code embedding for online verification

Analytics and Statistical Process Control

‌Rich analytical features for statistical charts and reporting
View statistical trends by hour, day, week, month, year, day of week, day of month etc.

Automation and Integration

Connect to Financial Systems to generate invoices, synchronize customer information and update pricing
Data imports and exports in various formats, including to and from external databases
1D (Linear) and 2D (QR) Barcode scanning
Label Printing with text and or barcodes
Instrument Integration
Automated notifications (Internal and External)
Electronic and Digital Signatures
Document automation for externally generated reports/certificates

Additional Functionality


Generate quotation using defined tests and bundles and their prices

Define discounts

Process: Draft - Approved - Submitted - Accepted - Closed - Revised

Send email option

Quotation layout to your requirements

Create job directly from quotation

Customer Portal

Allow your customers access to view their own jobs, samples and tests

Submission request form for services or sample testing

Customer can download historical reports

On-Site Services

Define on-site services that you offer

Manage customer requests (accept or reject)

View all open requests on calendar and map views

Create job directly from request

Proforma Invoices

Generate from Job at any status

Proforma layout to your requirements

Email option available

Define discounts

Can be integrated to financial system