The ability to sign and distribute electronic documents is a necessary step to achieving a paperless environment and can drastically improve the efficiency of one's business environment. It removes the time taken to print, distribute, scan and save paper documents reducing overall turn-around time and increasing security.

Features and Benefits

Sign yourself or email to others

Define signing order when multiple recipients

Track document status

Receive alerts, notifications and reminders

Complies with ESIGN, eIDAS and other legislation

Bank-level Secure Encryption

Easily import documents from Cloud or desktop

Create templates to reuse and save time

Automatically backup signed documents

Multiple file formats

Add your own branding and company logos

Add text tags for automatic field creation when signing

Electronic vs. Digital Signatures


Adds a hand drawn image of a signature or name in a stylized font to a document.


Includes identity of signer with document by appending certificate for authenticity and to make it tamper proof.

Authentication optional

Difficult to establish signer's identity enabling later repudiation.

Identity confirmed

Identity cryptographically added to document and acts as a strong measure against later repudiation.

Little Security

Difficult to determine validity after signing and document can be altered.

Legality questionable

May be legally accepted in some cases dependent on local laws

Robust Security

Changes made to the document or its properties after signing render it invalid

Legally compliant

Widely accepted around the world and compliant with all major digital signature laws.

Qualified Electronic Signature

A QES is an advanced digital signature that can only be issued by a Qualified Signature Creation Device.

This process involves face to face identity verification of the signatory.

Through our affiliation with Lawtrust we can provide such a service to our clients when required.

Our Digital Signature platform can be linked directly with TrustFactory to provide such signatures.